Your Creative Work: Sacred or Essential?

Jo March, the protagonist in Little Women, has long been a sort of patron saint of writing for me. Ever since my first introduction to Little Women with a screening of the 1994 movie starring Winona Ryder as Jo when I was 10 years old, I found myself identifying with Jo: her drive to tell... Continue Reading →


The Road Back to Me: Becoming a Working Mom

It started as an experiment. When I was pregnant, I decided to try out being a stay at home mother, citing my job's lack of maternity leave and my lack of passion for my job as the main reasons. I never pictured myself staying home with a baby, but I also never pictured myself as... Continue Reading →

Dr. Joy

Today I taught my first class ever.  It kind of snuck up on me.  I was told weeks ago I would sub for an English Small Group Instructor (SGI) with my company, at a center in Baldwin Park.  It wasn't until yesterday when that teacher called me with instructions that I realized I would actually... Continue Reading →

Quotable Friday, Vol. 23

"But thank goodness almost every office worker in America has virtually untethered access to the internet. Imagine what would happen to our economy if employers started taking away internet privileges and people were forced to actually work.  The entire American economy is balanced precariously on the fact that the average American white collar worker spends... Continue Reading →

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