Everything You Need to Know About Surviving a Disney Cruise with a Toddler

  When my mom (super generously) invited my little family on a Disney cruise to celebrate her 60th birthday, my first thought was excitement (of course!) and my second? Absolute dread. My daughter was only 18 months at the time, but would be freshly 2 years old on the trip. How would I survive a... Continue Reading →


When GOMO Doesn’t Go So Well

I last left you on a positive note, after having a beautiful day trip to the beach with Zadie and vowing to take her out and about more often. Well, I really have--we've been going to church regularly and dropping Zadie off in the nursery; I've joined the Northeast LA chapter of Moms Club and... Continue Reading →

Young and Wild and Free: How Travel is Different Now I’m Nearly 30

Everyone knows the curse of traveling—the wanderlust that sets in, making you want to jet off to a new destination before you’ve even touched down from your most recent adventure. But there’s another strange symptom of traveling, one that I experienced stronger than ever on our trip to Argentina last month. The act of traveling... Continue Reading →

Shalom Summer

I've been thinking about Israel a ton lately. Fuller's offering two courses there this summer, one looking at ancient history of the Bible, with an archaeological focus, and one a "peacemaking" trip, which is still kind of weird to me. I guess participants will be exposed to both Jewish and Palestinian sides of the story,... Continue Reading →

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