To My Daughter, On Your First Birthday

  Dear Zadie, A year ago today I’d already been in labor with you for 24 hours. Nothing was going as I’d hoped it would. We were in a hospital, not a birth center. After 24 hours of laboring with no medication, I’d succumbed to an epidural. And then, in the late afternoon on January... Continue Reading →


30 and Nostalgic: Is the Fun Over?

I've always kind of hated nostalgia; it irks me when people love to dwell in memories of the "good ol' days." In my twenties, that meant peers who couldn't get over the fun and free times of college, or even, astoundingly, high school. I enjoyed my high school experience (cheerleader for a year--yeah!) and am... Continue Reading →

Young and Wild and Free: How Travel is Different Now I’m Nearly 30

Everyone knows the curse of traveling—the wanderlust that sets in, making you want to jet off to a new destination before you’ve even touched down from your most recent adventure. But there’s another strange symptom of traveling, one that I experienced stronger than ever on our trip to Argentina last month. The act of traveling... Continue Reading →

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