How IKEA Made Me Want to Go to Church

Originally published on the MOPS International blog.  Like many churchgoing couples who become parents, we stopped attending services after the birth of our first daughter. We couldn’t figure out how to make it work while our infant was taking four naps a day; and any time we did go, I ended up listening to the... Continue Reading →


One Simple Question Unlocked My Best Self Care

Originally posted on The Art of Simple. Self care should be simple. Carve out some time, then use it to do what fills you up. But I’ve found if I have a couple hours “off” on a Saturday during naptime, I’m torn. Should I hike? Go shopping and treat myself? Meet a friend for lunch?... Continue Reading →

These Good Old Days

One of my favorite openings of any film is Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (#guiltypleasure), where we see several scenes of the four girlfriends growing up through high school and preparing to move on toward college. Over shots of the friends in blue and gold caps and gowns at graduation, the protagonist Carmen describes... Continue Reading →

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