n508077982_2258_5305_2Hi, my name is Joy (middle name Netanya) and welcome to my blog! I started this blog way back in 2007 (!!), just before starting to travel abroad for a couple of years, to keep my friends and family updated on my life. But now what you’ll find on the blog are short essays about life, relationships, motherhood, growing up, God, and other thoughts in this coconut shell of mine.

Oh, and about me? I “recently” turned 30  and I’m married to a guy named Robert who loves all things bicycles and adventure.  In 2014 Robert and I adopted a gem of a dog named Asher Lev. Here’s Asher’s story. And on the fourth day of 2016, I gave birth to a baby girl named Zadie. The four of us live in Los Angeles.

I love books, podcasts, dogs, travel, yoga, sparkling drinks, and writing (duh). I work as an editor in the marketing department of a small university. Over yonder at www.joynetanyathompson.com you can find my writing portfolio.

Want to say hello or ask me a question? Drop me a line. 


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