The Sisterhood of the Moon, Rising

alexandre-godreau-359029-unsplashThe moon has long been compared to humanity’s feminine side––the ancient Greeks worshipped the moon goddess Selene, and later Saint Francis addressed her as “Sister Moon” in his most famous prayer. She is familiar yet foreign, ever changing but predictable, cycling through her phases each month, rotating around our self-important planet.

Her selfless nature does not translate to weakness, though, as the moon powerfully moves the natural and human forces of the world. She causes seas to rise and animals to give birth. A full moon is known for riling up our spirits and our senses, making us act crazy, like lunatics, under the influence of la luna.

Most have no memory of their first time seeing her, just as they have no memory of the first time seeing their mother––she has always been there. Though we’ve spent a lifetime under her gaze, the moon remains profoundly mysterious, an endless enigma hanging high in the sky for all to see, except when she hides herself to make us almost forget her.

The sun, on the other hand, is so intense we often can’t look at it or examine it like the moon. The sun can become oppressive, can burn us if we are not properly sheltered from it, can melt our wings if we fly too close to it. But, chaos would be inevitable if the sun did not acquiesce to the moon in their cosmic, eternal dance. The sun is required for life, while the moon quietly regulates our world.

For thousands of years, women have been regarded with the same awe, curiosity, and suspicion as the moon. We also cycle through our phases each month, waxing to full brightness at ovulation, later waning like the hidden new moon when we turn away and in on ourselves, to take care of our bodies as they bleed.

For better or worse, we find ourselves revolving around what we love, offering our very existence to something bigger than ourselves: a calling or a craft, marriage or motherhood.

Like the moon, we see what is covered by night; we sense our loved ones’ fears, act as the sacred keeper of their dreams, hear their whispered secrets in the dark, lie beside them on sleepless nights.

The moon may be underestimated, ignored, taken for granted. But that does not decrease its luminous power. Now more than ever, women must remember our moon strength, the life, energy, and creativity flowing through us as a force to reckoned with. Though darkness seems to prevail, we are stronger than ever.

As one, we rise––full and bright, strong and shining, ready to move the tides.

**Originally written for Create Dinners on October 27, 2018.


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