What My Mom Taught Me About Pound Puppies Underwear


One of my earliest/funniest/most favorite memories of my mother’s parenting, in honor of Mother’s Day:

I am a little girl of 3 or 4, preparing to leave for a friend’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, where the only thing that matters is, of course, the ball pit. I want to wear my favorite flowered dress, but, apparently, I’m worried about modesty while partaking in the joys of the ball pit.

Me: What if someone says, “I can see your Pound Puppies underwear!”?

Mom: Just say, “Oh yeah? Woof woof!”

This vignette perfectly illustrates some things about my mother’s mothering: one, she didn’t make a big deal out of things or get pulled into drama. Ever. She was steadfast and, yes, sometimes stoic. But I appreciated her as a rock. And also, she taught me to just be me, not worrying so much what other people think. Growing up and now as an adult, I’d say that lesson worked. I’m me, in every situation. Of course I care about what other people think, but not in a crippling way. And I’m able to laugh at myself, too. Woof, woof!

Thanks, Mom, for being the best mother I could have asked for!


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