Advent Roundup + Music Rec!

Music Rec: The Brilliance, Advent, Vol. 01
Music Rec: The Brilliance, Advent, Vol. 01

We are in the thick of Advent, and our new church here in Denver, where contemplative is the best way to describe the service, is really well-suited for the season. I love entering the dimly-lit room where we have service, and seeing the dozens of candles all over the stage and in the windows. We sing moving, sometimes haunting songs–often ones I’ve never heard before. I finally found out that some of them, at least, as well as some of our “Ordinary Time” worship songs, are from a band called The Brilliance. They have an Advent album and I listened to that today, as well as a bunch of other stuff of theirs–it’s beautiful! I highly recommend checking them out on iTunes or Spotify. My favorite track is “Mother of God.”

To be honest, I haven’t been quite as reflective as I have in Advents past. But, that doesn’t mean you aren’t! If you’re looking for some Advent reflections and reading, might I suggest some of my past Advent posts? (Why are there so many?!)

While we’re at it, what are your Advent recommendations? Music? Essays? Books? I’ve read this book several years in a row and can’t recommend it enough!

Grace and Peace to you during this Advent season, and Merry Christmas!

“How Advent Saved Christmas” – Published in 2011 on Relevant (!)

“Be a Womb. (An Advent Reflection)”

“The Hopes and Fears of All the Years (Another Advent Reflection)”

“Preparing Him Room This Advent” 


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