Introducing…Asher Lev!

Our first day with Asher Lev.
Our first day with Asher Lev.

As a follow up to my recent post, I wanted to officially announce our adoption of a little poodle mix! He’s about one year old and came to us with the name Jojo but we decided to name him Asher Lev after one of our favorite books. So his full name is Asher Lev Jojo Thompson. 🙂

Asher Lev is an absolute gem of a dog. He’s a legend, as my Aussie friends would say. It feels a bit miraculous, because we really knew so little about him before we came to adopt him!

I found him on Petfinder, through a rescue organization called LightShine Canine, which works with the Lakota people on an Indian reservation in South Dakota to rescue stray, neglected, and abused dogs. (When we first decided to adopt Jojo and Robert wasn’t too keen on telling people he owned a poodle, we agreed he could say he adopted a “rez dog,” as they’re called!)

Asher Lev a.k.a. Jojo was found at an elderly lady’s house. But the rescuers at first didn’t even realize he was a dog…Asher was so covered in mats and dreadlocks that they thought he was a dirty mop being thrown out! After driving away, it hit them that the “mop” might actually be an animal! So they went back

and talked to the elderly woman about him–they already had a relationship with her, helping her out where needed. She explained Jojo was her granddaughter’s

Asher Lev when he was Jojo the mop.
Asher Lev when he was Jojo the mop.

dog, and her granddaughter was away at school, which was why the pup was in such a poor state. “I know she needs to give him a bath,” the grandma said. But the rescuer insisted that Jojo needed more than a bath, and the grandma agreed she could not take care of the dog and willingly gave him up to find a better home.

All I knew of him when we drove 25 miles to Longmont to pick him up (he’d come on a regular “transport” from his foster ranch in Nebraska) was that little backstory and that he had a “sweet temperament.”

When we arrived, the lady from the rescue opened a large kennel in her den and he came wriggling out, approaching us sweetly and accepting our pets and asking for rubs on his freckled belly. He was kind of grungy and stinky, but he looked like a little lamb with his white, close-cropped curly hair and he was as sweet and gentle as one, too!

Asher Lev has been part of our lives for just over a week now and we already love him so much! He’s super sweet and snuggly, but also loves a good walk/run through the neighborhood. He loves to fetch a tennis ball in the park, to sleep more than I thought possible, and he hardly ever barks. He’s just as sweet as can be! At first he seemed nervous, like a socially awkward houseguest unsure of how to act in different scenarios (like when we were making dinner, or brushing our teeth before bed), but now he is settling in nicely. He’s a friend to everyone he meets, and I already have some small dreams of training him to be a therapy dog! He brings so much joy wherever he goes. 🙂

So that’s Asher Lev!


Asher Lev getting ready to chase a tennis ball.
Asher Lev getting ready to chase a tennis ball.

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