No Shaboo; No Story


My sister Sarah and my mom's new dog Oliver!
My sister Sarah and my mom’s new dog Oliver!

As many of you know, I’ve wanted a dog—or shaboo, as I call the fluffy/scruffy variety of pup—of my own for a long time. Growing up, we always had dogs (or more specifically, poodles) in the house. A house just doesn’t feel like a home if there’s not a dog in it. Luckily, Robert agrees. Alas, in Pasadena it’s hard to find apartments that allow dogs (non-luxury apartments, that is). One of our biggest dreams about our new life in Colorado was finally getting to adopt a shaboo of our own!

But now that we are here in Colorado, with an apartment that allows dogs (for a deposit, a fee, and a monthly pet rent, of course), I found myself questioning my capacity to be the primary caretaker of an animal. Would I be a good owner? Would I know how to take care of a dog? Would I resent the dog for changing our lifestyle? Most importantly, would it be cruel to have a dog in an apartment with no yard?


I’ve been looking at adoptable dogs online at rescues and shelters for the past week or two. I fell in love with a white poodle named Ziggy at the Denver Animal Shelter, and I couldn’t sleep for two nights because of my nervousness and excitement over actually having a dog. When we went to visit Ziggy on Friday night, he was coming out of anesthesia and super out of it. “Come back tomorrow morning and he’ll be a different dog!” chirped the volunteer at the front desk. We arrived the next afternoon, filled with anticipation. When we told the front desk person we were there to see Ziggy, she said matter-of-factly, “Ziggy was adopted earlier this morning.”


I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I started crying. Once we were in the car, I’m even more embarrassed to admit, I had a meltdown akin to a 4-year-old wanting a puppy. I’ll chalk it up to the stress and exhaustion of a week of moving, transition, newness, and being pretty isolated in our apartment all day (torture for an extrovert like me). But it was also just that awful feeling of having my hopes up about finally having a dog, only to have the door slammed in my face. It sucked. I had plans to blog today about our new life with our new pup. Alas, alack, no shaboo—no story.


Hopefully this week we’ll find another to adopt, and get there in time!


What do you think about having a dog in an apartment? Any tips? How has owning a dog changed your lifestyle?


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