Picture 2Last April, Robert went on a week-long bicycle tour with a couple of friends. They drove up to Redding, in northernmost California, and rode their bikes down to San Francisco, mainly along the coast. When he returned, Robert wanted to write about his experience, and me to help him. So he sat down and wrote a stream-of-consciousness recollection, and then I sat down and went through it piece by piece, shaping it into an essay that we eventually pitched to Boneshaker Magazine, a U.K.-based quarterly celebrating all things bicycles. After hearing that they would run the piece in the next issue, we anxiously awaited our copy in the mail–and even after they said it was en route, it took more than a month to reach us. Apparently, it had been missent to Kenya! It was so exciting to have our work in print, and it was also a fun thing for us to do together, because although there are a lot of


things we like to do together (yoga, eat, watch Friday Night Lights, to name a few), we don’t have anything we really work on together. So here it is! Click here to read the PDF of our article, and find out where you can buy your own copy of Boneshaker here.



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