Palm Springs 4 Eva

IMG_0747We made it! Robert and I have been married one whole year. And to celebrate, last weekend we took off to Palm Springs, that retro little resort town in the desert. The best part about Palm Springs is the low-maintenance aspect. Just drove out in about an hour and a half, puttered around town, and headed home happy a few days later. We didn’t even have to stop for gas the entire weekend!

There’s pretty much nothing to do in Palm Springs except golf (which we have no interest in), eat (which we have a high level of interest in) and hang out at the pool. But us Thompson’s, we gotta move. So we drove straight from Pasadena to a hiking trail in Palm Springs–first item on the agenda, conquer this city. Here’s Robert conquering the city with a yoga pose.


After this super motivated start, we settled into Palm Springs pace. The best part of our trip was our hotel, the Koarakia Pensione, which was so awesome we didn’t really want to leave it that much. The Korakia is made up of two villas, one Moroccan and one Mediterranean. We were on the Mediterranean side, and it honestly looked like a little villa in Greece. My Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants dreams of traveling to the Grecian islands almost felt like they were coming true! White washed buildings, bright pink bougainvillea growing all over the place, olive trees, and a gorgeous heated pool flanked by fire pits. Fire! (Did I mention no kids at the Korakia?) Also, at night, they lit candles all over the grounds, and in lanterns hanging from the trees. Magical!

Robert in front of our hotel

On the Moroccan side of the hotel, there’s a pool set to 100 degrees, more fire pits and Moroccan lanterns, a yoga class on Sunday morning, and Moroccan tea and nibbles in the afternoon. We seriously could not get enough of this place. One morning I just sat in a chair outside, in the middle of the beautiful and exquisitely peaceful grounds, staring at the mountains that spring up behind the hotel and seem close enough to touch. It was the most peaceful morning I’ve had in a long time.

The Korakia Pensione
The Korakia Pensione

On our last day there and the morning of our anniversary, we sat on the patio of our room and shared newly written vows with each other, taking into account all of our lessons (and mistakes!) of our first year together. It was a meaningful and wonderful way to start our second year of marriage.

Our semi-private patio (the double doors are our room)
Our semi-private patio (the double doors are our room)

Other highlights of the trip: swimming in the 100 degree pool at night; a fun (and boozy) dinner out where we sat on a private balcony overlooking the main drag of Palm Springs; watching the movie Ruby Sparks; outdoor yoga; lingering over breakfasts in the courtyard of the Korakia; learning to toss a frisbee and enjoying it!

Where’s your favorite low-maintenance vacation spot? Any wisdom on the 2nd year of marriage from those further down the road?



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  1. Happy anniversary Joy and Robert! Looks like you guys had a great time. And how much did you love Ruby Sparks? I saw it in the theater and I thought it was super cute and creative 🙂


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