Lachrimae Amantis

Beautiful poem from Bread and Wine book. Had to share it! (Apparently “Lachrimae Amantis” means “tears of love” or I saw somewhere else “tears of the lover.”)

“Lachrimae Amantis” by Geoffrey Hill

What is there in my heart that you should sue

so fiercely for its love? What kind of care

brings you as though a stranger to my door

through the long night and in the icy dew

seeking the heart that will not harbor you,

that keeps itself religiously secure?

At this dark solstice filled with frost and fire

your passion’s ancient wounds must bleed anew.

So many nights the angel of my house

has fed such urgent comfort through a dream,

whispered, “your lord is coming, he is close”

that I have drowsed half-faithful for a time

bathed in pure tones of promise and remorse:

“tomorrow I shall wake to welcome him.”


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