Be Mine

Yikes. The lack of posting on here is pretty shameful. Who’s in charge of that anyway?

Anyway. Just a quick note to say that yesterday was Valentine’s Day. I have always loved Valentine’s Day, even though I’ve been single for like 90% of the V-Days in my life. It’s a fun day to wear red or pink and look pretty and eat chocolate at any moment I want to. For many years, it was a time to wonder if next year might be the year that I have a Valentine…I remember sitting at a cafe in Germany two years ago, eating a slice of cake and writing in my journal, feeling quite pathetic.

But this year I had a Valentine. For the first time in…hmm…let’s just say many moons. Oh, how was it? Let’s just say my date with my valentine was about a million times better than eating cake in a coffee shop in Germany. 🙂

One more thing: there really needs to be a market for Valentine’s Day cards for people in new relationships. I just didn’t feel comfortable with giving my boyfriend of one-month a card that says “I love you” all over it–cause those were the only options. Whatever happened to awesome valentines like the one above?


What do you think?

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