Acquiring the Taste

Here’s a poem I wrote for a final project last quarter, responding to our course on the Old Testament writings (Chronicles, Ruth, Esther, Lamentations, Psalms, Proverbs, Song of Songs, Ecclesiastes, Job, and Daniel).

Acquiring a Taste

Reality is like a fine wine, I read.
It will not appeal to children.
The Writings are like fine wine,
And I came with the palate of a child.

But I was ready for a coming-of-age
And willed myself to take small sips,
So one day I might enjoy the taste
Without dilution,
Without deletion.

He doesn’t always speak
He doesn’t always answer
He doesn’t always heal
He doesn’t always reign.

But then

He comes in wisdom
He comes in a whirlwind
He comes in a kiss
He comes in laughter.

Can I one day rejoice not only in the drinking
But in the seasons and rhythms of the winemaking?

The long waiting and hoping,
The toil under the cruel sun,
Humility arriving like
A cool breeze.

These days of discipline I will not despise.

Your feet crush my expectations and entitlement.
In your ceaseless treading I sense a pattern:
Your complicated steps are a dance.

One day at your table I will lift my glass to you
And salute the beauty of your movement.

We will lock eyes
and drink deeply.


What do you think?

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