Shalom Summer

Night out in Jerusalem

I’ve been thinking about Israel a ton lately. Fuller’s offering two courses there this summer, one looking at ancient history of the Bible, with an archaeological focus, and one a “peacemaking” trip, which is still kind of weird to me. I guess participants will be exposed to both Jewish and Palestinian sides of the story, but I do hope they aren’t so naive to think they’ll make bring some kind of solution to an old, deep, complex problem in their 11 days there. I’d obviously opt for the first trip, as I think my Jewish Israeli ethnicity might complicate things a bit.

Anyway. Israel is calling to me, which isn’t surprising because when I left there over 3 years ago, I knew that it wasn’t over for me. A love for that land became part of the blood in my veins. My wish to go back has been dormant for some time, as I traveled/worked/ministered/studied in Australia, Mexico, Norway, Germany, and Italy…oh, and also tried to find my bearings as I began my graduate studies. There’s a little whisper wooing me back, softly saying “Shalom, Joy…come visit again, stay longer this time, go deeper this time, your arms can open wider now…” So it’s decision time….and it all comes down to money, of course.

Otherwise, why wouldn’t I hop on a plane to celebrate my birthday on Masada?? (Yes, according to the itinerary, that’s where we’ll be on July 3…)


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