Bumper Cars

Today in class my professor (Barry Taylor, for you Fullerians) showed us a few TED talks about creativity, then sent us out onto the campus with the assignment of composing a ten-line poem about Fuller. Now, Fuller’s campus is so small that you can pretty much sneeze and end up on the other side, so after a year here I felt like it would be tough to see it with new eyes. So I opted creatively interpret the assignment and write about my current, up-to-the-minute experience at Fuller. I hoped that when we shared later in class, I wouldn’t scare off any of the newbies.

Bumper Cars

It’s like bumper cars.

We’re all in this together

But only in that we’re all

driving across

The same impossibly slick floor

As we navigate

new ideas,

old assumptions,

frenetic fears.

We desperately bump into others

for contact,

for recognition,

for an outlet

of pent-up questions or tension.

We grin wildly and

Laugh a little too loudly,

More out of nervous energy

than true joy.

How many tickets did it cost

to get in here?

As jarring as it is,

I’m not quite ready

for this to end

Until I find another game

that makes me feel alive.


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