Life Lesson No. 118

Front load the bad stuff, and save the best for last.

Usually I’m pretty good at this. I get all the crappy, least fun stuff done first, and save my favorite assignments or chores or whatever till the end.

I like to go out on a high note.

This summer I got it all backward. This is the way it should have gone: research papers, book reviews, tons of reading, cruise with Mom and sisters, sitting in class for hours, working a bit, then taking off to Europe to have a drink with friends in London, live the sweet life in the Italian Riviera, study in Orvieto, and ending it all by immersing myself in the beauty of Norway and the beautiful friendships I have there.

But that’s not how it went, so now I’m in the book review and research paper part of my summer, with all the good stuff behind me. It’s probably not helping things to have this photo I took on a hike in Cinque Terre as my desktop wallpaper:


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