I Never Said I Was an Audiophile

A europhile I am, but an audiophile I am not. You’ll never find me at Amoeba Records and I’m pretty much the last one to hear about a new band or song. But in case you are like me, I’m going to share a few songs that I’m loving right now. If these are last year’s news to you, don’t judge.

Bon Iver.

Dude. Just go to Pandora and create a Bon Iver station. Good for driving, and also excellent background music that can make cooking/cleaning/general puttering around the house feel totally rad. “Skinny Love” is the perfect mix of energizing and chill.

“I Feel It All” by Feist.

I first heard (or at least first noticed) this song on my flight back to the States from Europe earlier this summer. A long, transatlantic flight at the end of my Europe trip was the perfect time to reflect on my incredible 25 days there. But then this song comes on, with words like “the wings are wide/wild card inside” and “i know more than I did before”, and suddenly I have this montage of memories flashing on the movie screen of my mind: swimming in the sparkling blue waters of Cinque Terre, running beside the emerald green fields in Norway, laughing over wine and truffle pizza in Orvieto… What I’m saying is, this song feels like the soundtrack to all the best times of my life.

“Sweet Disposition” by Temper Trap.

This is the song right now that, when it comes on the radio, I’ll drive around the block an extra time with the windows down so I can hear the whole thing. I actually have tickets to see them in October…so excited! But “Sweet Disposition” just feels epic; it makes you want to drive 100 miles per hour, then dance until you collapse, then make out on a roof somewhere. Or is that just me?


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