Honey, You Can Do Better

So my sister and I went on a bit of a rant on Friday night about unoriginal bloggers/blog commenters and annoying Facebook status cliches, such as:

1) Any update written in open letter format, i.e. “Dear Traffic on the 405, Please try not to suck so badly this morning. Yours, X.”

2) Putting  a period between each word for dramatic effect. Most. annoying. thing. ever.

3) Equations. i.e. “Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” + open Jeep + all my besties = rockin’ day at the beach!

This morning I noticed one of my fave bloggers had some similar things to say:

 I hate the sneaky, lazy, herd-like slang of internet-writing. It makes smart writers sound bad and bad writers sound worse.

Major offenders of internet-writing in the past:

  • “And also? The thing is? This thing.”
  • “Best. Thing. Ever.”

That first one especially makes my teeth want to jump out of my mouth. I hate those two because they’re tired and not clever but someone always thinks it’s some fresh new way of putting letters together, like your friend who still expects you to chuckle when they say that something made them “throw up in my mouth a little bit.”

I concur. I am also guilty of using some of these things. Hey, none of us are perfect. It’s just that, with the Internet, jokes circulate really fast, so they get old just as fast. Let’s keep it fresh, friends. I’ll try, too!


What do you think?

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