Eeper’s Growing Up…

This month marks the three-year blogiversary of little ol’ Eeper. I’ve seriously loved having this blog; it’s been an outlet for writing and processing my life and travels, and a way to keep everyone updated while I was abroad. I was going through my old posts to find my favorites and post links here, but there’s a LOT! I think I’m going to split them up into categories…Feel free to check these out! I think the best part of having a blog is that, when I posted about events, it was only about really exciting stuff like getting tear-gassed in Oslo, so now my life through this lens looks pretty sensational!

Travel posts

2007 – “Jerusalem, If I Forget You”

2008 – “Yo Yo Cruisa”

2008 – “Norwegian Sunday”

2009 – “Report from Outside My Comfort Zone”

2009 – “Middle East Conflict Spreads to…Norway?” (This is the one where I get tear-gassed)


2008 – “Embryo or Jew: Which Bleeds More?”

2008 – “The Lucky One”

2009 – “Quotable Friday: Monday Mash-up Edition”

2009 – “Treasure of Bread and Seeds”

2009 – “Wayfarers All”

2009 – “The Last Illusion”

2010 – “Spider Theology”

Food and Fun

2007 – “Schoolhouse Rock”

2008 – “Conga What?”

2008 – “Confessions of a California Foodie”

2008 – “Lunch Date”

2008 – “OMG” (The one where I eat horse meat)

2009 – “Ring of Fire” (This is a fave….the one where my car catches on fire…)

Dammit, that took me a long time to put in all those links! Hope you enjoy ’em.


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