Quotable Friday, Vol. 34

“When everything starts going wrong all at once, it is to protect something big and lovely that is trying to get itself born.”

Anne Lamott

This quote popped into my head today, as it often does when things are going wrong all at once. It’s like a little bubble of hope that floats in and reminds me of the shimmering, iridescent possibility of what could be just around the corner. Things aren’t going wrong in my life, per se…but they aren’t exactly going the way I’d like them to. I know, wah wah, poor me. But I guess, in one area things have been going wrong for let’s say almost 5 years now…and I’ve been especially distracted by it lately. Let’s just hope that the longer things go wrong and the longer I’m distracted, the bigger and lovelier the end result will be.

P.S. Anne Lamott is speaking at Caltech in a couple weeks…do you have any idea how excited I am??


2 thoughts on “Quotable Friday, Vol. 34

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  1. so miss.

    i happened to stumble upon your blog by searching “grimerud”. (i’m was looking for airports closest to grimerud and dreaming of the next time i will get to travel to norway and meet my friends) well, to the left of the screen i saw “God” “YWAM DTS” “Norway” and while reading one of your blogs i saw the name “Miuky”


    i am from canada but did my dts in aalesund. (the prophetic arts one with miuky) anyway, very neat that we know some of the same people. hanne kaippio? you know her i imagine. i met her while in finland a couple summers ago.

    it was so nice to read about some of your musings while in norway and the things you loved about the country. it made my heart pang a bit.

    it’s always nice to find someone you don’t know but have many things that would connect us. you feel like family!

    ps: it was an immense blessing to read through some of your latest blogs. they were so encouraging and yeah, just a huge blessing to my heart. thank-you.


    1. Wow that is so amazing! Thank you for commenting and letting me know. I’m glad to have been of some encouragement. Yes, I get to “live the dream” in a few weeks…I’m going to Norway to spend a week at Grimerud before studying in Italy for a couple weeks. It is such a special place. 🙂


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