Charlie and the Chocolate Holiday

The Europe trip is happening! In June. This picture was taken 4 years ago on my first trip to Europe, and it perfectly depicts the way I felt about standing on the Arc de Triomphe in France, and the way I feel whenever I think of returning. I don’t know if I will ever get over the thrill of traveling, and I hope I never do.

In the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the title character is a poor little boy who loves chocolate and receives one bar a year, when his family scrapes together enough money to buy him a coveted Wonka bar for his birthday. Charlie’s tradition is to keep the bar in a special box in his room, and once a day he peels back some of the foil wrapping for the teeniest, tiniest taste of it–just enough to let some sweetness melt on his tongue.

This is how I feel about my trip to Europe (Norway, Italy, and TBD) in June. Since the trip finally became a “definitive-green-light-no-take-backs” last week, I’ve been visiting that dream in my mind, peeling back its shimmering wrapper and tasting the rich possibilities of another adventure in Europe. Even in mundane moments, like driving home on the freeway, it never fails to make my heart swell with giddy anticipation, and sheer wonder that I could be so lucky to have another chance to live out my world-traveling dreams.

This will be my third time in Europe…I went once for play, once for missions, and now I’m going for a play-study-play sandwich. Who knows what this adventure will hold? Sometimes a chocolate bar ends up being a golden ticket into something even beyond one’s wildest dreams…

But I can say that I hope my trip includes something like this:

…and maybe something like this:


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  1. Joy! Make a pit stop in England and see my adorable town (Guildford) which isn’t far from London and then we can catch up and perhaps do some local wanderlusting!


  2. Great imagery and comparison of your trip to chocolate, and I LOVE the “Roman Holiday” photos! I adore that film and kept thinking about it before my trip and during my time in Rome. I even looked through photos (these included) online beforehand to see where they went and get myself even more in the traveling spirit! I secretly hoped I’d stumble upon Audrey and Gregory having a grand adventure. But I brought them home with me in the form of Italian “Roman Holiday” magnets and that little red Vespa magnet you were fond of.

    Here’s to a magnificent holiday! Wish I could go with you. And who knows, perhaps you’ll encounter a charming Gregory Peck type as well. 🙂


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