S to the Ock

Just realized tonight while driving that I really like the word “sock.” But not as in the kind you wear on your foot (unless you’re talking about sock puppets). I like it when used in these kinds of contexts:

“Sock away money for a few months…”

“Sock-it-to-me cake” (I didn’t make that up, it’s in my Great Grandma Irma’s recipes)

“She was so mad she socked him in the face”

Maybe this is why I like the term “sock monkey” so much. Two of my favorites in one whimsical phrase.

Isn’t there a line in an oldies song that says something like “sock it to me?” Can we please bring that phrase back? I’ll give it a go.

*Please note that this post is aptly filed under “random” and “nerd alert.”


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