Like Greece, Not Grease

I’ve been dreaming of the Mediterranean lately.

Maybe it’s because I work in an office that’s actually in an old house that’s drafty and chilly even when it’s 75 degrees and sunny outside, like it’s been the past couple of weeks.  I sit hunched over my desk for hours, drinking tea in an attempt to warm myself from the inside out, and count the minutes until I can go outside and just sit in the sun and bake like a potato. Today I was wishing that I could be a lizard and spend my life sunbathing on hot rocks. That’s kind of what I imagine a holiday in Greece to be – diving into deep, denim-colored waters and then laying out to dry on the black rocks at the bottom of blue and white towns.

Maybe I was thinking of the Mediterranean today because I borrowed a shirt from my roommate Jane. She’s traveled the world and her hippie tops and endless collection of tribal earrings and handmade sandals are hersouvenirs. The shirt I borrowed is exactly what I would wear for a day of sightseeing and shopping in Athens, and I felt so much like Lena from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies in the scenes on Santorini.

But I was also dreaming of the Mediterranean today because I signed up last week to go on a study abroad trip this summer – two weeks living in a Benedictine monastery in Orvieto, Italy, learning about theology and art and visiting the little cities around us. And I’m thinking, how can I go all the way to Europe without adding a few stops to my itinerary? Greece is at the top of my list and it’s kind of nearby, right? Or I was thinking of heading down to Jordan and seeing the legendary city of Petra. Alas, alack, it’s looking like it might drain me just to do the basic 2 week program in Orvieto. Not that I’m complaining. Who knows what will happen between now and then? I’ll just keep planning my Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants outfits and dreaming about laying like a lizard on those black rocks….


3 thoughts on “Like Greece, Not Grease

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  1. i’m very excited that you decided to do the italy trip. i’m a little jealous, too. in a good way. (is it possible to be jealous in a good way? oh well you know what i mean.) the program sounds so great, and i’m sure you’ll have an amazing time, even if you just do the two weeks.

    that said, you should definitely check out petra someday when you have the chance. it’s pretty cool. but if you go, and if you opt to ride a donkey up the mountain above the ancient treasury, and if the bedouin guy tries to put you on a donkey named jack, ask for another donkey. trust me on this.


    1. Matilda – YES! I’m coming in June…still working out my itinerary. Would love to get up to Grimerud for a few days but money is tight. I will be in Orvieto, Italy for 2 weeks. Fika = pizza and gelato. Come!


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