These Words (I Love You, I Hate You, I Need You)

It’s that time again!

Words I Love:

1. monkey

2. squabble

3. smattering

4. spastic

5. languid

Words I Hate:

1. giggle

2. coupon

3. maple/triple/supple (especially supple.  ew.)

4. splurge

5. butter

***Mega bonus points if you can compose a sentence (or maybe a paragraph of 3-4 sentences) using all 10 words!

So I’ve learned a lot of new words in my first quarter at seminary.  Most of them were not entirely foreign, but I when I started to hear them in lectures and read them in books pretty much every day, I had to look up some of these words and make sure I could use them without sounding like an ignoramus (that’s NOT one of the words). Some of the words in this list are “seminary words” and some are more everyday words but are super common or even buzzwords here on campus. In no particular order, and in a nowhere near exhaustive list, here are a sampling of words every Fuller student should know:

1. teleological

2. narrative (that’s one of the buzzwords)

3. ontological

4. par excellence

5. writ large

6. ecumenical

7. salvific (I don’t think this is really a word, but it’s used often)

8. epistemological

I’ll keep adding as I think of them.  I know you’re at the edge of your seat, right?


2 thoughts on “These Words (I Love You, I Hate You, I Need You)

Add yours

  1. a smattering of supple, spastic monkeys giggled and squabbled, in a manner that could most accurately be described as anything but languid, over a coupon that would enable the lucky winner to splurge on the triple delights of butter, maple syrup and — of course — bananas.


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