Friends Blog Too!

Just added a couple of friends’ blogs to the ol’ blogroll and wanted to give them a proper introduction on Eeper.  Peter Verdell is a new friend this summer; we like to talk about books and theology, he was responsible for my inaugural viewing of The Royal Tenenbaums, he’s a great singer/songwriter musician type of guy, and he owns a cat that I actually like.  Peter’s blog is called “Hi, Everything’s Great!”  He doesn’t post too often but I still enjoy it, especially his “Open letter to the tall, thin girl @ 24 hour fitness.”  Peter doesn’t have many pictures of himself on his blog, but I like this one because it shows Peter (in the red shirt on the right) in his standard uniform and doing something he loves: picnic and a movie at Hollywood Forever cemetery (and amazingly, I have not once been able to make it out there this summer!)


The other site I added to my blogroll, anna matilda josefin,  belongs to my dear friend Matilda Blomgren, who I staffed with in Norway, along with her then-fiance Rickard.  Matilda is a unique, beautiful, intelligent girl and has a dizzying array of talents and abilities.  I think one of my favorite things about Matilda is how she has perfected the blend of tomboy and girly-girl.  How does she do it?  I don’t know how I could have gotten through my time in Norway without her, and I love that her Swedish blog now has a translation option so I can read about what’s going on instead of just trying to guess from the pictures.  The translator is a bit funky, so you just have to go with it.  Oh, and Matilda is a brilliant photographer, and really beautiful, so even if you don’t read the posts it’s nice just to have a look.  Here’s our Swedish friend in her Swedish glory:



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