Legolas Was Here

legolas_logoApparently, a lot of people have been finding my blog lately by typing “Legolas” into the Google Image search engine.  The picture I used for this one post is the first image result to pop up!  Weird.  If you’re reading this blog and feel upset that it’s not a fansite, may I offer you this consolation: the author of this blog is an Orlando Bloom lookalike.  With that comforting knowledge, feel free to wander the archives and comment if you like.  Doesn’t matter how you got here…the more the merrier!


3 thoughts on “Legolas Was Here

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  1. Haha, that was that happened to me xD

    I´m not an Orlando Bloom fan…i was looking for Legola´s wardobre and i clicked your pic to have a better look…

    I was nice to come here… i hope to come back.

    Kisses from Spain.


    1. Pretty hilarious, I’m in the same situation as Perra, I was looking for a good shot of what Legolas wears and clicked this picture for a better look. =P


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