Dancing Like No One’s Watching

ipod_ad_by_gigi_fenixphoenixYou know that sappy little quote, “Live like there’s no tomorrow, love like you’ve never been hurt, and dance like no one’s watching”?  I’ve kind of been thinking about that lately, but with my own twist: “blog like no one’s watching.”  Because lately, it feels like everyone is watching.  On Facebook, too.  Now when I post a status update, I have to think, “Okay…my mom, my grandmother’s friends, my former professors, future employers, friends, ex-boyfriends, distant relatives, frenemies, and possibly Erwin McManus are going to read this – is it worth it?”  And by that I mean, is it worth it to deal with the awkwardness of when someone brings up what I wrote on a status update last week (hello…isn’t that like an unspoken rule, don’t bring FB status updates into real life?) or worse, when my grandmother told me the other day that her friend enjoyed reading my posts on Facebook.  WHAT!?

And blogging is the same story, only magnified.  A blog post is a bit like a glorified status update…or a status update is a condensed, pocket-sized blog post.  At least, the way I do them.  I kind of pride myself on the fact that I don’t blog OR post status updates that are incredibly boring, i.e. “just got to work, it’s Monday.”  Or, “Waiting at the doctor’s office.”  Dude, save that for Twitter and the boundary-less, cyber co-dependent mess that is.  I guess people don’t blog about such boring topics, but some come pretty close.

Like this post, if I don’t wrap it up soon.  Besides not having enough “creative me” time, I’ve also had a major writing block called “self-censorship.”  I’ve dealt with this before, but now it’s back even stronger.  The thing is, it’s basically calling me to live a life of higher integrity.  Meaning, whatever I’m going to do, I should be able to do it in front of anyone – friends, coworkers, grandmas, teenybopper second cousins.  However, I need to be real about who I am and that I’m not perfect and that there is no way in hell (that’s right, I said it) I can please all of those people at once.  Hence, blog like no one’s watching.

And hey, I think dancing like no one’s watching is pretty fun, too.


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