Breaking Framework

“Every change in the quality of a person’s life must grow out of a change in his or her vision of reality.”

–Brennan Manning

The Wisdom of Tenderness

I feel like this is what happened to me during my year in Europe.  I think it kind of started in one of the first weeks of the DTS, when we were learning about the Holy Spirit.  Our lecturer, a little rapping Norwegian man named Jan, was talking about how the Holy Spirit leads us into all truth.  He said that if we are open to letting the Spirit break the framework set up in our minds, He can lead us into the freedom that only comes with knowing the truth.  I took Jan seriously, and I began to pray that day that the Holy Spirit would break my framework, because I was hungry for truth and thirsty for freedom.

Guess what?  The Holy Spirit took my request seriously.  I’m still sorting out what He taught me and how He changed me…it’s hard to put into words.  But in some areas of my life, I had been looking at things one way and all the sudden (or sometimes slowly) He shifted things so I saw them in a totally different way.  And that shift in perspective, that breaking of framework, set me free.  Ideas that I always believed to be truth, to be reality, I see now as lies and illusions.

The challenge now is to return to the place where my old framework was built, and to hold onto this radically different view of reality that God has given me.  I’m not worried though…when we let Him, He always finishes what He starts.

P.S. I absolutely recommend the book I took this quote from, The Wisdom of Tenderness.  Life changing.


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  1. I like the use of the adjective, rapping. Does that mean actually rapping? I just picture a very short blonde Norwegian man the Bible, thanks for the mental picture Sis


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