Ha Det Bra, Norway!


This is my last night in Norway.  I will miss so many things about this place.  Here’s my top ten:

1. Brown cheese.  On a brown Wasa with raspberry jam.  Preferably at 10:30am on a weekday.  With a cup of English Breakfast tea.

2. The Living Rooms at Grimerud.  I love having our morning meetings in there, and also having times with God in the middle living room overlooking the fields and the lake, Mjøsa.

3. The spectacular views of Mjøsa and the countryside and the sunset around Grimerud.  Pretty much, the all-around beauty of this place.

4. Going to Ola and Gro Elisabeth’s log cabin and having dinner and sitting for hours talking about a million things.

5. The DTS.  Staff and students.  Oh, man.  Good times.  Ebby singing, Kim whining, Andreas beat boxing, and everyone in between.

6. Singing and hearing people sing in Norwegian.  Also, singing prayers before meals.  Okay, I never actually learned any of the Norwegian ones, but I still liked hearing it!

7. Running around in my socks all the time.  Honestly, I don’t know if I can wear shoes in my house ever again.

8. The simple relaxation of “country life.”  Sitting out in the sunshine in front of the main building, or having brunch with Magni at Bisben…I just can’t relax the same way in the city.

9. The word vær så god.  Seriously, how did I ever live without it?  Also, being able to respond with just “Mmm” in many situations.  Norwegians don’t waste words!

10. And of course: the people, the people, the people.  Vicky bossing me around with her “Joy Dear.”  Being goofy with Matilda and Rickard.  Long talks with Magni and Dina in Bisben or the dining hall.  Heather and Andreas, beautiful girls Synnøve and Anne Randi; Heidi and Maggi; the Franzens; little baby Marianna; sweet Svein Ola; crazy-intense Chris; adventurous, childlike, creative Miuky; hilarious Christina and Ebby…there are just too many to name.  

It’s been a wonderful time here in Norway and I will cherish these memories for life.  Tusen takk, my Grimerud and Norwegian friends, for an amazing season.  Ha Det Bra.


3 thoughts on “Ha Det Bra, Norway!

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  1. Joy that is one of my favorite pictures of you ever! Totally frameable and I mean like 8×10 minimum! I can’t wait to talk to you on the phone soon!


  2. Wow Joy! This was really nice to read. It made me really happy.

    It was nice to get to know you the time you spent in Norway. I hope one day that I meet you again (even before heaven).
    Thank you for every smile and every smalltalk we had around on the base.

    : D


  3. I agree with combatnursie. Killer photo. Though, I’d like to know what you’re looking at…

    I’m also curious about this ‘brown cheese’. Would it be worth it to track some down here in the States?


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