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We’re staying at a YWAM base in Bavaria that’s called Hurlach castle…because it’s actually a castle, in a little village called Hurlach.  Last night I was reading through the guest book in our room, and amid the normal sappy, thank-you-for-your-generous-hospitality-we-felt-at-home-here entries, I found this gem:

December 22 2005

I am here at Hurlach Castle.  I have dreamed of coming here.  I was conceived here 26 years ago and born down the street.  […] There is a completion felt as I sit here and a start of something new.  […] I hope to own this castle someday and keep it running.  […] I am in awe.  I am in a dream.  I’m living a dream.  Thank you.


Is it just me, or is that totally awesome?  I laughed out loud.  I hope I didn’t just break some code of ethics by plagiarizing somebody’s guest book entry in the blogosphere.  Whatever.  I hope it made you laugh…especially the part about how he was conceived here.  Hee.


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  1. That’s just a transformation from one media to the other. In a way it was public in that guestbook… now it is even more :D.

    Someday we live among the stars, maybe own a ranch on Mars – Galactic Cowboys never age…” Ranch on Mars, Galactic Cowboys


  2. Hmm… You know, I don’t think I ever thought to inquire about the whereabouts of my conception. I must be missing out on something really important, ’cause that person seems to have been embarking on quite the existential quest.


  3. Ahem, I happen to remember a humorous little story you used to tell about your Valentine’s Day conception with some details I’d rather NOT mention in the blogosphere…


  4. Haha! Ok, you got me. I may have a good idea of WHEN I was conceived, but that’s as far as my knowledge goes on the subject. If I gave you any additional details, they’ve escaped my memory by now 😉


  5. hi joy,
    i enjoyed meeting you in the hostel in munich. when i got back to vienna i received a mail from my firewalk-coach & if i am working hard on myself. there might be a chance that i can learn how to do these things from this master 🙂


    well, however. nice to meet you. i hope we´ll stay in touch & please remember. when you are visiting vienna, we have to get in contact!


    1. Hey Christian! Glad you found my blog, Eeper. Yes, it was great to meet you and talk with you! Hope you had a good trip back. I just got back to Norway this evening…it’s great to be “home”!


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