There’s More to the Internet Than Facebook

Anne LamottSo you know how I’ve quoted Anne Lamott like, a hundred times on this site?  I didn’t bring any of her books with me on this trip, because when you can only bring two pieces of baggage for 8 months, you have to be a little selective about the reading material you bring.  So anyway, lately I’ve been craving Anne Lamott’s writing (as well as a quick jaunt into Narnia) and yesterday I made a fabulous discovery: on a whim, I typed “Anne Lamott online” into Google, and I found this.  An archive of essays she wrote for Salon Magazine.  Yessss.  If I didn’t have an important date with my journal, my Bible, and a cafe I would have sat there for hours reading all of the essays in one gulp.  

Okay, the point of this post: read some of these essays.  You will laugh, you might cry, you might shake your fist, you might be moved, and you might want to burn Anne Lamott at the stake for heresy.  That’s totally up to you.  But I know I’m not leaving you with much new content lately (dude, I’m on outreach)…so just take the time you would normally use for our dear lil Eeper and head on over here.  That will get you started.  Let me know your thoughts.


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