twilight-movie-posterWe had a day off today and I went to the cinema here in Berlin with Anne-Mai.  (Fun fact: They sell wine and beer at the concession stand!)  I really wanted to see Valkyrie, cause how cool would that be to see in Berlin?  I could almost justify spending money on it, then, because it’s more of a cultural experience and not just a movie.  Right?

But Valkyrie hasn’t been released yet here in Germany, so we saw Twilight instead.

I am so embarrassed about how much I liked that movie.  I mean, I really liked it!  Despite the reservations I had while watching it, the biggest of which was why the heck would this girl be attracted to a vampire lifestyle?  You can never eat or sleep again.  Those are two of the greatest pleasures in life!  Also, when she’s all cuddled up to Edward?  I mean, wouldn’t that suck, considering it would be like snuggling with an ice sculpture?  I’m just saying.

Okay, but seriously, I’m not so embarrassed that I liked the movie.  But I AM embarrassed at how swoony I felt over Robert Pattinson’s character, Edward!  I feel like they made him in a factory by pushing the button “Teen Dream Heart Throb.”  If I was 14 I would totally be covering my walls with collages made from Tiger Beat magazine right now.

But come on, can you blame me?  With his sculpted features, creamy skin, and wild, modern-day-James-Dean hair…sigh.  In my defense, I did also love him as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter.  Take a look at him and try NOT to swoon:



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  1. My friend out here said that Justin looks like that boy that you think is hot, he does have sculpted features, creamy skin and wild James Dean hair….ahhh lucky me…..


  2. Oh Joy, I’ll own up to this with you. I actually read all of the books. More than once. I’m so embarrassed. R-Patz is sort of perfect for the role and totally swoon worthy.


  3. I thought the whole twilight movement/movie was lame, but I watched it for the first time last night and I loved it, and yes the lead actor does look like a statue, and I don’t blame the girls for liking him, he probably really is a vampire


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