The Single Girl’s Guide To Excuses

In Little Women, Jo describes her feelings when she moves away from home for the first time to work as a governess and aspiring writer in New York:

“I felt bold on leaving Concord, but I confess I find New York rough and strange, and myself strange in it.  Mrs. Kirk believes I am here for a brief interlude of sensational experience before succumbing to a matrimonial fate […] but I hope that any experience I gain will be strictly literary.”

I can relate to Jo.  When I came to Norway, I felt brave but out of place and floundering in the new culture.  And like Jo, I think most people I know have certain…expectations on how my life should be unfolding, especially now that I’m 24.  These expectations, once latent, are now showing themselves as time passes and I remain single and without prospects (how Jane Austen-esque does that sound?).  Friends and family at home continually ask, “So, have you met a cute Norwegian boy yet?”  Even people here ask if I’ve found anyone interesting.  How many times can you just lamely say “no” without feeling like the leftover you joke about being?

Well, I’m an aspiring writer, too.  So I will take Jo’s words, and when people ask if I’ve met a Norwegian man yet who can throw me over his shoulder like a viking and carry me off into the sunset, I can arch my brow and say nobly: “I hope that any experience I gain here will be strictly literary.”

And when I make into Oprah’s Book Club, you’ll see I put all these years of solitary world travel to good use.


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  1. hey Joy! I love reading your blogs even though i don’t always comment, most of the time there is a little munchkin at my feet who only gives me time enough to read and not respond:) I am soooooooo proud of you. You are definitely doing what God has called you to for this season of your life. I think all of us wonder what is around the next bend and some of us don’t have as much patience as the next person:) these experiences for you are shaping who you are going to be throughout your life and if I may say so, you are shaping up wonderfully. Just ignore the people who always ask if you have met someone yet, I am so excited about what you are doing on a day to day basis!!!! The man you eventually do meet is going to be so thankful for the wait because you wouldn’t be who you are without this time of your life(not to mention the cooking skills you are learning lol) . I am so excited with how God is using you right now and how willing you are to follow His plan. I can’t wait to see what He has in store for you next. I hope this comes out right but I really don’t think LIFE is wife bridal college. I love that you are out in the field, touching others for Jesus(not to say us housewives and mothers are not) just that God was asking who will go and you raised your hand. You are such a blessing in my life and i can’t wait to get to see you! sorry for the rambling, like i said, Kailynn doesn’t give me much time heehee.
    luv ya girl!!!!


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