Highs and Lows of Christmas 2008


Low Points:

Trying to sleep with 12 pounds of butter in my stomach after Christmas Eve dinner, realizing that I am almost incapable of actually relaxing (must! do! something!), only reading 1.5 books, and feeling generally miserable on Christmas Eve morning when it really set in that I was spending my 2nd consecutive Christmas away from home.

High Points:

Hanging out with some girls on my floor that I don’t usually have time to hang out with, having free reign of the main building, making dinner on Tuesday night with Heather and Andreas (pesto! feta! bruschetta! glory!), baking 4 times and having a 100% success rate, spending time with two wonderful families on Christmas Eve (pictured above) and Christmas Day, enjoying 12 pounds of butter, sugar, and flour baked into various forms on Christmas Eve (some pictured right), talking to my family on iChat for an hour on Christmas, and…opening my gift from my mom – The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2! (cough – nerd alert)

Okay, so being away from home on Christmas is never ideal, unless, I suppose, you are with your entire family on holiday in some amazing location like Vail or Santorini or whatever.  But I survived…I didn’t just survive, I had a good week.  I’m pretty much exactly halfway through my time here, which is amazing and crazy and sad and wonderful and overwhelming all at once.  Sometimes I wish I could stop this train, but here it comes anyway, rushing at me with increasing speed.  The students are back, the New Year’s Festival starts tomorrow, and I leave for outreach in 2 1/2 weeks.  Ready or not, here comes Round 2.


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