Random Christmas Memories

We didn’t have the boys that particular Christmas, meaning my stepbrothers were spending actual Christmas Day with their mom and half brothers.  Their other family.  So we celebrated a few days early, our blended family of seven (1 boy and a housekeeper short of the Brady Bunch) gathered to exchange gifts and carry out a couple of our annual traditions, like bickering about lyrics to Carpenters’ Christmas songs.  (“Gee, the traffic is terrific” – um, isn’t the sarcasm OBVIOUS in this lyric?  Apparently not to everyone).  So of course, after less than an hour, there’s a squabble.  Everyone is throwing in their opinion as loudly as possible, and then my stepbrother Tim says above the noise, in an exasperated tone, “Can everybody stop fighting?  It’s our fake Christmas, for God’s sake!”  


Oh, thank you Lord for the blessing of a blended, dysfunctional family.  And there is not a trace of sarcasm in that statement.


2 thoughts on “Random Christmas Memories

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  1. I totally just described this memory to Daniel the other day. We were driving to church and that exact Carpenters song came on. I tried to ignite the “Terrific” debate with him, but of course he is a smartie and agreed with the girls of our family. When I tried to tell Daniel this story I didnt do it justice!


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