Moody Moose Buttons

Guys, I’m sorry I haven’t posted all week. I feel so ashamed, especially since you’ve really pulled it out lately with the comments. (By the way…if you really loved this blog so much, you can always browse the archives!)  But it’s pretty much because the thought of this blog has bored me to tears lately. Not that I don’t have ideas…cause I do. You bet your butt I’ve got a bunch of amazing, thought-provoking, laugh-out-loud, tear-jerking ideas for posts up my sleeve. But then when I actually sit in front of my computer I’m just like, “Blech.”
Plus it’s winter. Which means every day after dinner, when the sun has already been down for three hours, I have to sit there slapping myself awake until KRIK or lectures or small group or whatever. And it’s cold. So I’d rather sit here and listen to Dashboard Confessional and feel like an emo teenager then really think about writing a good post.  Damn.  I promised myself my next post was going to be positive.  I really don’t hate my life…there’s lots of great things here!
I promise a warm and fuzzy post is coming soon! Maybe.  Uh, until then…puppies, puppies, puppies.  Yay!


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