444px-horse_musculature_carlo_ruini_c_1598Dude.  So I’m in a friend’s room tonight with some people, and one guy is talking about his friend who accidentally ate dog on his pizza while in Thailand.  When the “eww-ing” died down, I said, “Hey, my uncle just told me that when he was here in Norway, he ate horse!” Instead of more “ews” as I expected, everyone just acted like that was the most normal thing in the world.  And then, get this: they said the sausage we eat here is made from horse!  Yeah, the smoky-flavored, almost black sausage they serve us every Friday night with our weekly rice porridge, the sausage that I LOVE with the rice porridge I LOVE…is horse.  Like I said, OMG.*

It made me feel really weird inside, all prickly between the shoulder blades.

Anyway, I’m over it.  But hey, if you’re super interested in Norway, I found this really cool blog called “My Little Norway” by an Australian woman who moved here with her Norwegian husband.  They live in the far north, above the Arctic circle…so she is WAY more hardcore than I am.  In the past week I’ve eaten deer and reindeer for the first time…and found out that I’ve been eating horse every Friday for the past three months.  So I don’t know where it goes from there…maybe in the North they’re eating polar bears…or Santa’s elves!  I’m really missing Thanksgiving right now…turkey.  Just good old turkey, man.

*Just a note for my Norwegian readers…in case you didn’t know, eating horse is pretty much taboo in the States.  It’s right up there with dog.


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