The Lucky One


My sister’s wedding was AMAZING.  She was beautiful, the wedding was beautiful, everything went well, they didn’t run out of food…what else do you want from a wedding, right?  And that moment, when all of us girls were in the back of the church waiting to walk down the aisle, holding our bouquets and looking over our shoulders at Sarah who was practically hyperventilating with happiness…that moment I was happier than I can remember being in a long time.  There’s just something about watching a dream come true for someone you love so much.  

Oh, and at the reception, my sister Rachel gave a toast in the form of an original rap.  It was amazing.  I’m not quite as much of a performer as Rachel, but I wrote a little poem for Sarah for my toast.  She’s always said she’s unlucky…we even joked about how we had the “Moyal Curse” on our lives, causing all those little things to go wrong.  But after seeing life breathed into her dreams these past two years as she’s fallen in love with Daniel, I think her luck has begun to change.  That’s what this poem is about:

“I’m unlucky,” you said.

A curse heavy on your head.

A charm, a block of wood–

No superstition ever could

Change your fate.

Then by chance you met him

Fingers crossed but odds were slim

That this was finally the right time, 

the right place,

The right feeling, the right face.

You rolled the dice, spun the wheel, 

placed your bet

Dove in without fear of getting wet

And now!  Riches are raining down on your life–

Sitting next to Daniel as his lovely wife.

You are cherished and set apart

Loved with mind, soul, and heart.

Linked forever,

Made his treasure

Partner and friend.

Who knew bad luck could bend?

A curse smashed, broken for good

Blessing instead of knocking on wood.


And, Sarah, you have too much sense

To name this chance or Providence.

But, when all is said and done,

I’d have to say, sister, that he is 

The lucky one.

Here’s to you, Sarah and Daniel!  Many blessings on your marriage!


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  1. Oh Joy, reading that poem again made me cry! I feel lucky not only to have a wonderful husband, but two amazing and talented sisters! I think I will just put it out there to people who read this: Isnt Joy a talented writer? She wrote that poem at starbucks on the morning of the wedding. Thanks Joy for such a sweet, special, and authentic toast at my wedding. I will treasure the memory of you reading that poem to us! Love you


  2. Wow Joy, even reading it again, it’s so good! I can’t believe that you wrote that, it was amazing! I now want a poem for my wedding one day…and on every birthday….and Hannukah….and Columbus day….I love you!


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