Apparently, my friends read this.  I keep running into people and often, their parting words are something like, “And hey, I read your blog, so I keep up on what’s happening with you.”

Surprising…especially since only about 4 people comment here.  I’m so glad you all are reading this, but…show me some love people!  

P.S. Yes, my trip home is going well…except that I’m ridiculously tired.  Catching up with people takes a lot of energy!  But I’m soaking up sun and the English language, and eating some really good food (more on that later).


6 thoughts on “Seriously?

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  1. Joy,
    I would love to bump into you and have my parting words be that I read your blog, but unless your planning on visiting New Zealand next I don’t think I will be bumping into you any time soon. But here is my love I am sending you! I’m glad that you have been able to keep up all the travel, I miss our talks about travelling as we rode back to CU in the CS vans. But I will continue to check out your blog when your facebook directs me too.
    Love Kiwi.
    (Camp Sonshine 2006)


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