Even Steven

To be fair, I WILL miss many things about Norway when I leave here.  Case in point: brown cheese

Maybe one day I will blog about the rest of the list.  Right now my eyeballs are burning and I think that means I need to veg out with a snack and half an episode of Gilmore Girls before hitting the sack.


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  1. I have seen many kinds of cheese, but that is truly different. It looks like peanut butter. What does it taste like?

    I love Gilmore Girls too! I am still furious that they canceled it, especially considering all the other garbage they air on TV.

    I am sorry you miss so many things and that you were/are sick. Do they have good over-the-counter drugs over there? I got REALLY sick during my DTS and pretty much lost my voice and did not get better for a while. The constant Vancouver rain and cold did not help me any either. Plus, when DTS was over and we were cleaning our room, we found mold in the corner near our bunk bed. The fun of cheap YWAM housing.

    And what is this about your beauty treatment? You never seemed like someone overly occupied by that, which is a very good thing. You are naturally beautiful and in incredible shape. Granted, you probably work out to achieve your fantastic physique, but I feel like a slug half of the time…okay probably most of the time. The dance floor is the only place where I don’t feel like I am working out. A true escape. We will dance like crazy when you return. 🙂

    I hope you are surviving on the interesting food and letting Rory and Lorelai keep you company when all else feels foreign.


  2. Jessica! Thanks for the multi-faceted comment! Here is my multi-faceted reply:
    -Brown cheese IS kinda like peanut butter…it definitely has a salty/sweet quality to it. You’ll have to try it some time!
    -Yes, the cancellation of Gilmore Girls was the cancellation of a small part of my heart.
    -I don’t know if they have good OTC drugs here, because honestly it didn’t even occur to me to really take any. I’m one of those who just slugs it out with a sickness (or headache, or whatever) without thinking, “Oh yeah, I can just pop an Aleve right now!” I like to think I’m increasing my pain tolerance.
    -I’m not surprised you found mold in your YWAM room. Sad, but true.
    -Thank you for all of your encouraging comments about my appearance! I’m embarrassed to admit that I actually am someone who has been “overly caught up” in just that sort of thing. I’m working on it.
    -And yes, we WILL dance upon my return…I was just thinking the other day about the Morris-May 4th of July party and how fun that dancing was…Norwegians love to sing, but they definitely do not love to dance!



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