Shallow Materialism at Its Funniest

I stumbled across Mindy Kaling’s blog, Things I Bought That I Love, about a year and a half ago.  At the time, I thought she was just an L.A.-based fashionista with a clever wit disguised as the ravings of a valley girl.  As it turns out, Mindy Kaling is a co-producer and writer of The Office (maybe you’ve heard of it?) and plays Kelly Kapoor on the show.  

After reading a few posts on her blog, I was hooked.  How did she turn a blog that’s supposedly about her favorite recent purchases into a hilarious commentary on life as a single woman in Los Angeles?  I immediately wanted to be her best friend.  Dude, this girl went to Dartmouth…she’s totally smart and funny and has the cutest fashion sense and she’s a bit of a foodie (like me!) AND she wrote the episode of The Office where Michael burns his foot on a George Foreman grill!  Come ON!  I feel so inferior.

Anyway, Mindy has not posted anything new on TIBTIL since April, which totally sucks and I’ve pretty much given up hope that she has even remembered that she has a blog…I’m sure she has better things to do, like write episodes for Emmy-award winning TV shows that everyone talks about the next day at work.  But today I went to her blog to look up a certain post, and I ended up getting lost there for a while, even laughing out loud (like, really loud) a few times.

So, even though I can’t promise there will ever again be any new content, if you like The Office, or funny writing, or pretty things, go to Things I Bought That I Love and wander through her archives for a while.

*Bonus* Here’s a link to a great article she wrote for Marie Claire…

**Rejoice!  The other day, I found out that Mindy just took a few months off and then moved her blog to HERE.  It will take me forever to catch up on all her posts…not that I mind!


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