Lunch Date

Can I tell you something?  I am really good at making lunch.

But Joy, you ask, I thought you can’t cook?

Well, no.  No I can’t.  Actually, the other day I failed to hard boil eggs.  My lack of cooking experience, minimal common sense, and general clumsiness/spastic moments add up to my hopelessness in the kitchen.  But.  One thing saves my self-esteem in the area of domestic goddess qualifications.  And that is my lunch-making abilities.

Ever since college, when I became the master of the deli bar and made it my simpering slave, I’ve often received compliments on my well-prepared lunches.  In college, at Camp Sonshine, on DTS in Australia, and now here at Grimerud.  It’s a mystery to me.  I’m not sure what I’m doing or why it looks so nice, but I guess I just have a way with taking what’s given and adding just one extra little ingredient that makes it gourmet, or I pour my methodical, disciplined nature into fixing it so that the presentation makes it appetizing.  For instance, someone left three mushrooms in a bag in the fridge, the words “Just Take” written in both Norwegian and English in black marker.  Many days out of the week we make toasted sandwiches in one of those grills made for like grilled cheese with white bread and Kraft singles.  But in addition to our usual (brown) bread, cheese, and salami, I added some sliced mushroom.  Voila!  Seriously bistro-worthy.  

Last week, I bought an avocado at the grocery store and checked on its ripeness every day like a kid doing a science experiment.  When it was ready I joyfully sliced it and stacked it with swiss cheese and sliced tomatoes on Wasa crispbread.  Simple.  Elegant.  A foodie’s delicious lunch.

Here’s a picture of one of my balanced and beautiful lunches from the other day…featuring my mushroom and cheese melt:

Okay, so it’s not really beautiful, but what’s not to like about a toasty, savory sandwich, a crisp carrot, a few green olives, and some apple slices with peanut butter?

I think this blog is sufficiently full of self-deprecation, so once in a while I can post about Things I Happen To Be Good At.  I may be able to think of something else one of these days…oh, I know!  I can do a great imitation of Snoopy crying…and speaking of imitations, I’m really good at imitating Orlando Bloom not saying anything.  

Love you guys,



10 thoughts on “Lunch Date

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  1. Marmee, while Judith Grilled Sandwich does have a certain ring to it, I think that grandma and grandpa should have gone with “panini” – Judith Panini rolls of the tongue a little more. Hey, do my lunch making skills give me more of a reason to name my first dog “Bistro”? 🙂
    Martin, sorry to make you hungry in the middle of the night. Hopefully you just ran over to Bisben to nab an apple off the tree. For future reference, have snacks handy while reading my blog…food is mentioned often.


  2. hey girl,
    wow so i am like so behind on your blogs, my apologies, anyways i just read all of them and i just inputted into my brain, (is that a word) all of the info. it is so funny how all of your blogs sound as if you are in the room talking. all i know is that you are great at a million things more than just lunch, however, that spread made me hungry:) love ya girl and hopefully i can keep up with you – you and i both talk a mile a minute but you are able to carry that into your typing and i so cannot:) miss ya,


  3. Sandra, yes…peanut butter and apples was definitely my signature snack in Newie…and in college, too. 🙂
    Jenn and Jackson, thanks!
    Daniellie, thanks for catching up on my blogs…definitely not the same as 2 hours at Mimi’s, but still. And thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

    Oops…2 emoticons in one comment. Too much?


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