Bizarro World

Do you remember the Seinfeld episode where Elaine spends some time in “Bizarro world” with flipped versions of Jerry, George, and Kramer?  It’s kind of like opposite world.  What’s up is down, hot is cold, fast is slow, fat is thin (oh God, let me go there).

Well, this week I realized I’m kind of living life as Bizarro Joy right now, or less dramatically, the Norwegian version of myself.  See, it’s been sunny the past few days.  Sure, the temperature has been in the mid-50’s, but the sun has been out, hallelujah!  Saturday I walked down to the lake and sat there in a tank top.  All of the sudden I’m one of those people I used to make fun of at Disneyland: you know, the tourists from Minnesota who wear shorts in December, while us Southern Californians are bundled up in scarves and Ugg boots?  On Monday I looked at the five day forecast and saw that it’s going to be 63 degrees and sunny on Friday, and my first gleeful thought was, “Let’s go swimming!”  

Welcome to Bizarro World.


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