Phoning It In

Hopefully I’ll have some new content tomorrow.  I know you three readers who actually come to this site on purpose, and have not stumbled upon it by googling the phrases “clever facebook status” or “robert downey jr.”, have been waiting with bated breath for a new post.  But I’ve been in the Norwegian wilderness for a few days, and tonight instead of blogging and such, I washed assorted borrowed wool items and holed up in my room to eat rice porridge and watch P.S. I Love You, which I had not yet seen.

Until my next post, check out my pictures of Norway so far on Facebook.


4 thoughts on “Phoning It In

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  1. Wow, I used to think blogs were pointless until I read yours. Thanks for your insightful uh, insights. I really look forward to reading more. :]


  2. Kevin, when I first read your comment, I was all, “Aww…thanks!” And then I felt really paranoid that it was actually meant to be sarcastic (remember, I’ve been away from native speakers of English for a month now). So now, just in case, my reply is, “Hey…thanks(?)”.


  3. Lol. This blog is actually pretty interesting to read.

    And I actually did find it while looking at funny FB status’s….

    But rly, I do like this blog and i wouldn’t be sarcastic about someone else’s writing…


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