…And We’re Off!

The Discipleship Training School began today, and all week I had this weird nagging feeling of dread, like, “Oh my gosh, life as I know it is over.”  But then I kind of shook myself and was like, “What??  This is the reason I came to Norway in the first place!”  And then I started to get excited.  Because the whole time I’ve been here, I’ve been in a bit of a limbo state, kind of a holding tank before being released into the wild and sometimes murky waters that make up a DTS.  I’ve been enjoying my time here, meeting interesting people and taking in the watered-down Norwegian culture found on this international base, but I have been unsatisfied, knowing that I have not yet begun what I came to do.

Students began arriving on Friday, and now all 11 of them are here at Grimerud.  10 girls, 1 boy.  9 Norwegians, 1 Swede, and 1 Estonian.  It’s strange to meet them, when they’re shy and overwhelmed by all the new, and to know that, because of the nature of DTS, we will be like family by the end of these 6 months.  We will have seen each other’s triumphs and tantrums, meltdowns and breakthroughs.  We will have fought each other and laughed together and seen the way the other looks when they cry.  We will share times around campfires and dinner tables, on airplanes and buses and trains, in bedrooms and tents and lecture rooms.  

I will watch these eleven individuals discover amazing facets of God’s character, delighting in them as they are revealed, like an artifact lifted from the dirt, brushed off, and examined.  There will be healing, there will be freedom, there will be love.  In 6 months they will not be the same and neither will I.

To know these things, and yet not know them, is like looking at March through the wrong end of a telescope.


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  1. Well…everyone (including the students) speaks SOME English. Most of them are fluent, but they’re quite shy about it. It’s not a requirement because it’s a dual language school, meaning that everything is translated from Norwegian to English or vice versa, depending on the situation. It’s weird though…being on this base and surrounded by Norwegian conversation most of the time, I’ve had to learn that I don’t always have to be part of what’s going on!


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