Some Improvements

When I first got here to Grimerud, I was totally jetlagged but also really psyched when I was shown to my room and discovered that I would have it to myself.  Before I left for Norway, friends asked, “What will your living situation be like?” To which I honestly replied, “I have no idea.”  Meaning, I was fully prepared to sleep in a barracks with 50 other girls on triple bunk beds, or share a shoebox with three other girls.  But this!  My own little room, with my own little desk and my own little bed (ahem, cot) and my own little window overlooking the parking lot (but beyond that – countryside!).  I thought it was charming how the ceiling sloped down, giving it an and cozy attic room type feel.  Reminds me of Jo’s room in Little Women when she moves into a boarding house in New York (nerd alert).  But, as so many things do, my ecstasy over my room subsided and I started to notice some not-so-charming aspects.  Well, actually, people pointed these things out.  It would go something like this:

Person: “Hey, can I see your room?”

Me: “Sure, it’s down the hall here.”

(Open the door to my room, person steps inside, glances around).

Person: Oh, wow, the carpet.  Blech.  That’s really awful.

Me: (Checking out the burnt orange-colored, linty carpet) Hmm…yeah, I guess that is pretty bad.  [Embarrassed laugh.]

Person: Oh, they didn’t give you curtains?

Me: (Looking out the bare window) Hmm…guess not.  [Embarrassed half-chuckle.]

Person: Sheesh, it’s dark in here.  Why is your bulb so dim?  Is that the only light you’ve got?  You know, when winter comes it will be dark almost all the time…you really need some good lighting.

Me:  [Shudder of dread at the thought of Norwegian winter.] Yep, that’s all I’ve got.   [Dejected sigh.]

So I started to notice how my room could look a littler nicer, and I also woke up to the fact that this WILL be my home for the next several months, so there’s no need for it to look like a prison cell.  So.  With the help of my very generous heavenly Father, I have been able to make a few improvements:

Please note the curtains, which were only 69 Norwegian crowns ($14)!  And the lamp…yep, got that for 89 crowns thanks to Muky, a girl in my hall whose department was taking a trip to Ikea last Friday.  And I snagged that sweet bottle from the kitchen and popped in some wildflowers.  Getting kind homey…

I had to get a bit creative with storing my jewelry…the blank walls needed a little something anyway.  But check out this carpet!!!  (Thanks to Alli for the bedding, btw).

But.  There is hope!  Eivind, the practical work director, said he will replace my carpeting while I’m on the wilderness trip next week!  I think that someone who saw my room took pity and pleaded my case, because I definitely didn’t say anything… If nothing else will get me through three days in the freezing (okay, not quite) wilderness, then the promise of new carpet awaiting my return will!


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