Ø, How I Loathe Thee!

This little letter, ø, is pretty much my arch-enemy here in Norway.

Since the keyboards are different here, when I try to use the colon sign (:), this little guy pops up instead.  It just looks devilish.  And it’s common sound here, and it’s in a LOT of names.  I hate it how when people with ø in their name introduce themselves, I’m always like, “I’m sorry, what?”  And no matter how many times they repeat it, I still can’t quite grasp how to say their name until I’ve had some intense one-on-one coaching and seen it written down.

About.com has it all wrong when they say you pronounce it like the “u” in the word “hurt.”  The Norwegian phrasebook on wikitravel.org said that you pronounce ø like the British pronounce the “u” in “burn” and I’m like, uh, okay.  But then they give a VERY helpful tip, and this is the real way to pronounce it: “one starts with an e and then rounds one’s lips to produce ø”.  I’m still trying to get the hang of it.  After I read that I sat for about five minutes and repeated it over and over…I still don’t sound like a Norwegian.  Here are some other fun new letters and sounds I’m learning: æ (which is like “a” in “hat”) and å, which I’m STILL trying to figure out…

To Ø: I will win this.  Ø, yes I will.


4 thoughts on “Ø, How I Loathe Thee!

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  1. Oh man! Learning languages is tough. The fact that I’ve given up on just about every attempt to learn one is proof enough.

    So, does that sybmol show up when you’re trying to type out a web address, like http://… and so on? That would get old really fast.


  2. Yeah, pretty much that symbol is in the same place as the colon symbol would be on our keyboard, so my lightning fast fingers set on the “home keys” make this mistake quite often…also with a hyphen, question mark, and parentheses. Even worse is that the computer I’m working on is all in Norwegian…I thought I knew Word by heart, but it turns out I don’t…you’d be surprised how many notification boxes actually pop up. You don’t realize how many times you absentmindedly click “okay” until it’s in a foreign language and you wonder if the button you are clicking says “okay” or “delete”! Oy vey. And yeah, I pretty much suck at languages too…when asked which superpower I would choose, I always say the one that lets me learn any language in the world in one second. How cool would that be??


  3. I agree. That would be the coolest superpower ever! Well, that or telepathy. Who wouldn’t like to be able to peer in to someone else’s mind at will? I know I would… anyway…


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