Something Wicked This Way Comes

Cloudy with a couple of showers. Winds will be calm
Realfeel®: 69 °F
High: 68 °F
Tuesday Night, Aug 26
Intermittent Clouds
Partly cloudy. Winds will be calm
Realfeel®: 54 °F
Low: 50 °F
Cloudy. Winds will be calm
Realfeel®: 64 °F
High: 61 °F
I fully prepared myself to get off the plane last Monday and have to start wearing long underwear for the next 8 months.  And let me tell you, it wasn’t a tropical paradise in Oslo last week.  But I was fine in my cargos and hoodie (plane uniform), hot even, after dragging around all my crap like a hermit crab.
But seriously, we’ve had some amazing weather the week I’ve been in Norway.  Sure we had like one rainy day, but BFD, right?  Because mostly we’ve had these spectacularly sunny days, brisk in the mornings and evenings but warm in the afternoons.  A couple of times I’ve wished I’ve been wearing shorts.  Blue skies with the kind of fluffy clouds that make you want to lie on your back for hours and find shapes in them (I know I’m not the only one who still likes doing that).  Rolling fields of golden wheat, the blue lake shimmering like a pool of diamonds, dark blue fir-topped mountains looming in the distance…okay, now I’m just bragging about the unbelievable beauty I’m surrounded by.
I told my friends that God has been holding back the bad weather so that my transition here will be a little less traumatic (He’s a great Dad like that).  
But maybe He thinks I can take it now, cause it looks like I’m going to have to start busting out all the sweaters and leggings I brought…*heavy sigh* Here we go.

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  1. Yeah, but can you imagine how even more amazing that blue lake and those fir trees will be, once they get a nice dusting of snow? 🙂


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